Voltiq assists winner Jinko Solar in Argentina

Wednesday 30 Nov 2016

Voltiq assists winner Jinko Solar in Argentina

Argentina awards 1,282 MW in RenovAR 1.5 tender

Leading solar power company Jinko wins with one of the largest solar PV projects in round 1.5 of the RenovAR programme, the 80 MW Iglesia - Guanizuli project located in the State of San Juan. Voltiq prepared the financial model, and engaged in the design of the equity and debt structures including sounding out to lending institutions to discuss key terms & conditions. Voltiq also assisted in bid preparation and further bid design including local content engineering, detailed tax modelling and PPA price definition. Voltiq models are audited by Big-Four accountancies as well as by local tax counsels. Voltiq offers superior and highly sophisticated financial modelling and tender services for clients to be successful under Argentina's RenovAR programme.



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