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Voltiq staff has 100+ years of dedicated renewable energy experience and worked on 50+ renewable energy transactions across jurisdictions and technologies. Having been investors and bankers, Voltiq has in-depth understanding of the contractual and development dynamics of solar PV, CSP, biomass and wind energy projects.

Our work is typically concentrated around the so-called Special Purpose Company ("SPC"), the legal entity owning the project rights, which is the legal counterpart of  all commercial and financial contracts related to the project. We advise clients on projects and project portfolios and their relevant contracts, or team-up with investors and developers to originate and negotiate well-structured and bankable agreements. Take a look at the infographic hereunder to see what the SPC and its contractual counterparts entails:

Special purpose company

The Special Purpose Company (SPC) is the legal entity holding the project rights, and acting as the counterpart of all relevant contract parties as shown in this infographic. Equity and Debt financiers invest in the SPC.

National/Local Authorities

National, Provincial and Local Authorities grant concessions, permits and other relevant licenses to projects, which approve and govern the project’s implementation and operation.

Voltiq principals have over 15 years experience each with the dynamics of national and local permitting, which is effectively deployed when we are engaged in due diligence processes, or when we team up with the developer. We know where to focus on!



Landowners enter into a sale and purchase of land, or long term land leases regarding the land that hosts the project.

Voltiq principals have been directly active in project development in their careers themselves, and understand the key issues around land easements.



The electricity grid connects the projects to the electricity market. Often grid consent as well as grid connection agreements have to be in place for the project to be allowed to deliver electricity to and through the grid.

Issues around the grid connection, as well as grid availability can often be a major showstopper in renewable energy projects, especially when it concerns non-dispatchable technologies such as wind and solar. Voltiq staff not only has detailed understanding of renewable energy generation, but also about high, medium and low voltage electricity transmission and grid connection.



In case of wind and solar, the feedstock for electricity production is for free. In case of e.g. biomass however, wood biomass or waste suppliers enter into term agreements for feedstock delivery.

Given Voltiq's extensive experience in biomass projects, we have deep understanding of the dynamics around biomass feedstock contracts, as well as useful contractual formats to streamline project structuring and ensure the project's bankability.



Offtakers are the buyers of the electricity, and or heat, produced by the project. Often offtakers enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for a certain term to purchase the electricity  under established conditions. Sometimes the offtaker is a public, or semi-public entity, such as national energy market intermediaries as often is the case in Feed-in Tariff markets.

The subject of PPA's is becoming increasingly important, as Feed-in Tariffs are fading away. Voltiq principals have ample experience in structuring and negotiating PPA agreements for renewable energy plants.


EPC Contractor

The Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor realizes the project including all relevant equipment, civil and electrical works. Sometimes projects get built by several suppliers and contractors on a multi-contract basis.

Voltiq staff has structured and negotiated numerous EPC turn key contracts, partly under international formats such as the FIDIC Silver Book. Given our thorough understanding of benchmark warranty packages in wind, solar and biomass EPC contracts, we ensure a balanced and market based contract between investor and contractor, which is also bankable.


Operation & Maintenance

The Operation & Maintenance (O&M) supplier operates and maintains the project, often on a long term basis.

The O&M contract should include an appropriate warranty package including technical availability of the project. Voltiq staff knows exactly what the market standards are at any moment, and can therefore assist in structuring and negotiating a well-balanced O&M contract. Likewise can we flag the strengths and weaknesses of a contract to our clients when they buy a project or project portfolio.


Insurance Co.

The insurance supplier, in the form of an insurance company or insurance broker, provides the project with adequate coverage in case of unforeseen situations not covered by the warranties under the EPC or O&M agreements.

Voltiq principals have not only structured and negotiated insurance packages, but also dealt with insurance issues to be solved. As the market matures, projects and portfolios we work on have been in operation for quite some time, and insurance issues become more frequent.



The developer collects permits, licenses, land agreements, and brings the project from an idea to reality.

Voltiq staff, some of them having been in project development themselves, teams up with developers to ensure its commercial and financial project structuring is state-of-the-art, and the late stage development process is well managed. Voltiq engages in the origination and structuring of the most attractive equity and debt, ensuring the highest possible future project returns. Voltiq secures the best deal for the developer, regardless if he wants to exit or stay with the project.



The investor, sometimes the same as the developer, brings in the necessary equity funding to realize the project.

We work with investors to act as an extension of their in-house expert capacity, engaging in the origination and negotiation of commercial and financial contracts. We also work with investors to execute red flag analyses on their prospective investment, or even manage the complete due diligence process. Voltiq has a particular competence in the institutional investor markets, working with pension, infrastructure and sovereign wealth funds.



The lenders, being banks, as well as contractors, funds, and sometimes capital markets, furnish the project with the necessary debt funding.

Voltiq principals have particular strength in senior and junior debt origination and structuring. Voltiq has an excellent understanding of which institutions finance what type of technologies in which geographies, and have an extensive network with senior people within those institutions. Voltiq will ensure the best debt financing conditions, maximizing your project's returns versus its risk profile.


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Voltiq is able to offer a comprehensive range of services on a global scale.
Our team of specialists aim to maximize your return on investment besides providing in-depth advice on project dynamics and technologies deployed.
We go beyond the general financial figures and use our decades of experience to reveal short and long-term hidden profits for our clients.

Clients hire Voltiq as advisors to their specialized staff, or even outsource their activities to our team completely.
Voltiq has extensive in-depth understanding of the contractual and development dynamics of solar PV, CSP, biomass and wind energy projects, such as project development issues, EPC and O&M contracts, PPA's and management agreements.

As a result, projects structured by Voltiq are financed more rapidly, and become transparent projects yielding better returns. 

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