Debt and Equity Raising & Structuring

Voltiq helps its clients maximizing renewable energy project returns by raising, structuring and negotiating debt and equity packages. Voltiq staff has 100+ years of dedicated renewable energy experience and worked on 50+ renewable energy transactions across jurisdictions and technologies.

Having been investors and bankers, Voltiq staff have negotiated such packages extensively. As a result, projects structured by Voltiq are financed more rapidly, and become better projects, yielding the best returns.


Voltiq provides high-quality independent advice and execution management in connection with renewable energy mergers & acquisitions. We evaluate potential acquisition targets and provide valuation analyses. We also strictly manage timing, structure, financing, and pricing of a proposed acquisition, and partner in negotiating and closing the deal. Why hire Voltiq instead of your usual investment banker? In a very volatile (renewable energy) market environment, Voltiq continuously monitors who is interested in what country and which technologies. The process is very focused, kept small, under the radar and with high success probability.

Debt & Equity Restructuring

In order to enhance project returns sometimes debt & equity needs to be restructured. We understand debt & equity packages as Voltiq staff have been investors and bankers themselves, and have negotiated such packages extensively. As a result, projects restructured by Voltiq become better projects, yielding better returns. Voltiq partners have wide networks within the leading renewable energy financing institutions, like project finance banks, multilateral financing institutions, and Export Credit Agencies.

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