19 July 2023

Triodos Groenfonds sells part of its loan portfolio to NWB Bank

Voltiq acted as sell-side advisor to Triodos

Triodos Groenfonds sells part of its loan portfolio to NWB Bank

Netherlands based Triodos Groenfonds and NWB Bank (the bank for the Dutch public water sector) have reached agreement on the acquisition by NWB Bank of part of Triodos Groenfonds' sustainability loan portfolio. It concerns operational wind and solar parks spread across the Netherlands with a total installed capacity of 210 MW. Triodos Groenfonds will continue to co-finance the loans. Voltiq acted as exclusive sell-side advisor to Triodos Groenfonds.

Triodos Groenfonds is the oldest green investment fund in the Netherlands and since its establishment has been one of the front-runners in funding the sustainable energy transition. To be able to maintain its position as a front-runner, the fund will, going forward, focus increasingly on technologies that contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition. These include battery storage, heat transition, and hydrogen, in addition to traditional renewable energy production based on solar and wind power.  

“The divestment of part of the portfolio - all loans for solar and wind projects - has released capital that can now be reinvested in innovative new projects. This adjustment of the allocation of the fund assets has also improved the fund's alignment with the modified Green Funds Scheme and ensuing stricter sustainability requirements that projects must meet,” says Fund Manager Willy Bulsink.

Nederlandse Waterschapsbank (NWB Bank)) is a bank run by and for the public sector, with a particular focus on water and sustainability. NWB Bank has integrated the loans acquired from Triodos Groenfonds in its portfolio of sustainable energy projects.

“This partnership with Triodos exemplifies that, owing to our affordable and sustainable funding, our offering is complementary to that of the commercial banks. By acquiring this portfolio, we are also taking an important step towards our own ambitious goal: an energy-positive credit portfolio by 2035, heading towards climate-neutral by 2015”, says Leon Knoester, Head of Specialised Finance at NWB Bank.

Triodos Bank managed the loans on behalf of Triodos Groenfonds and will continue to do so for NWB Bank. Triodos Bank will therefore remain involved with the borrowers that once opted for Triodos as a lender for their sustainable energy projects. 

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