15 July 2020

Voltiq launches Asia office

Providing financial advisory services out of Singapore

Voltiq launches Asia office

Voltiq launched its Singapore office, located at the Marina Bay Financial Centre. The office will also function as a representative office for cooperation partner Amsterdam Capital Partners (“Amscap”). The two advisors cooperate in the field of on- and offshore wind in Asia, offering a broad base of senior financial experts with a vast on- and offshore wind energy track record. The office will be managed by Voltiq Regional Director Mr. Baoqing Miao, who has been with Voltiq for the last 5 years based in The Netherlands.

Voltiq has been active in Asia and the Pacific region for more than 5 years. Landmark transactions include the sale of Project Metz in Australia, a 140 MWp solar PV project located in New South Wales. Voltiq has also been supplying financial advisory services to key market players like T&T Group (Vietnam) regarding the 45 MWp Phuoc Ninh solar PV project, as well as several leading Chinese investors such as CGN New Energy, Risen Energy and Jinko Solar regarding projects in Europe and Latin America.  In Asia, Voltiq will provide financial advisory services out of Singapore in the solar, wind energy, hydropower and hydrogen space.

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