Junior financing structure solar projects portfolio

The Netherlands

360 MW

Financial Advisor

Junior financing structure solar projects portfolio

Solarfields, Voltiq and Rabobank Project Finance invented an innovative and robust junior financing structure that provides Solarfields with the additional liquidity to fund further development and operation of its substantial pipeline of solar projects in the Netherlands.

The structure is envisaged to include up to sixteen underlying solar projects whose equity dividends are collected on a holding company level and used as the basis for repayment of the full EUR 45 mln debt quantum that is provided over time. This structure allows the borrower to bring additional eligible projects into the financing after compliance with a predetermined set of qualifying criteria. This allows continued assurance of accelerated growth and quick cash conversion for Solarfields, enabling continued expansion and ownership of projects in the solar energy space.

The financing structure with solar projects ranging from 5 MW up to 130 MW accelerates Solarfields’ contribution to the Dutch energy transition and means a great leap forward in achieving Solarfields’ ambitious goals.

Voltiq acted as exclusive financial advisor to Solarfields.

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