Sale 50% floating wind


975 MW

Exclusive Sell-side Advisor

Sale 50% floating offshore wind Italy

Voltiq acted as exclusive sell-side advisor in the sale of a stake in a floating offshore wind project in Italy. The project, named Wind Energy Pozzallo, consists of a 975MW floating offshore wind farm in development, located near the municipality of Pozzallo on the southern coast of Sicily. Voltiq acted as financial advisor for Blunova, the owner and developer of the wind project, as it sold a 50% stake in the project to Italian utility Edison, part of EDF Group, and signed a partnership agreement for the joint development of the wind farm.

Voltiq was hired as exclusive sell-side advisor to Blunova. In this role, Voltiq engaged in detailed preparations of the infopack to potential investors including Teaser and Information Memorandum, as well as DD information. Subsequently, Voltiq sounded the global market for investors interested in the (floating) offshore wind space, creating a shortlist, after which interested parties were invited to analyze the opportunity and put in their NBOs. In the follow-up stage, Voltiq supported in negotiations and structuring the transaction with the preferred bidder, Edison, and kept on giving support to the sale-purchase process until closing. 

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